Tax-Oriented vs. Non-Tax-Oriented Products

Choose from a comprehensive range of products that each offer complete flexibility when designing a lease.

About M&T Commercial Equipment Financing

At M&T, a dedicated Leasing Specialist and your Relationship Manager will work with your business to attain your financing goals. Our experienced professionals will consult with you to determine which solution best suits your needs.

Tax-Oriented Lease 

  • Fair market value leases offer a variety of buyout options, greater flexibility and lower payments
  • Terminal rental adjustment clause (TRAC) leases are used to finance titled, commercial vehicles

Non-Tax-Oriented Lease 

  • Conditional sales contracts give lessees full use of equipment under the lease agreement, and transfer the title once the equipment has been paid off
  • Municipal leases provide tax-exempt interest rates to municipal customers
  • Tax-exempt lease purchase agreements offer financing solutions for entities incorporated as Non-Profit 501(C)(3) organizations (private schools, universities, hospitals and other not-for-profit organizations)​

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